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Meet Jacob – 8,000 Kilometers Across 15 Countries

Jacob reached out to us and wanted to share his recent travel video. This past summer he motorbiked across the Balkan States. 8,000 kilometers across 15 countries and this video was the result. I asked Jacob to give a little insight as to how he capture this epic adventure.

As for filming the video, I had a GoPro Hero 4 – the shots when I’m driving my motorbike were done with a chest-mount. It was kind of tough to get the angle right every time, but after a few days I got used to it. Every other shot was done with a tripod. It was extremely challenging to do the shots where I’m sitting on a motorbike, since I’d have to stop every time I’d see a nice view, spend a few minutes taking my tripod off the bike (which is no easy task), setting it up, filming for 20 seconds and doing everything in reverse. However, the result is worth the pain!

Check out more of Jacobs work at JacobLaukaitis.com